Welcome to the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies

At ICSS, Shamanic teachings, tools, and ceremonial opportunities are available for the expanding wave of individuals who seek healing, fulfillment, and connection ― with themselves, with others, with Nature, and with Spirit.

The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (ICSS) is a Canadian multi-disciplinary spiritual centre founded in 1995. We offer programs in both Toronto and Calgary.

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April 21-23, 2017

The Sacred Law School is a powerful and experiential journey through the Thirty Sacred Laws in a fun-spirited and adventurous mixture of ceremony, teachings, assignments that lead us to a body knowing and integrated lifestyle of how to align with the Everything especially as it changes.

We will begin with the First Universal Law of Maximum Efficiency and Minimum Effort.
This Law is rich in its potential for healing mismanaged time, poor choreography and an inability to navigate challenges.
By looking at nature and the five elements we will find guidance of the application of this law showing us how to align for greater ease and joy from a Sacred Law Perspective.
The weekend will include teachings, group workings, ceremony, personal time with multiple levels of engagement that will include those with all levels of knowledge and experience.
Saturday night will include a shared feast.

Call 416 603-4912 or email info@icss.org for more information about this program.

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2nd Annual Sisterhood Gathering

Sponsored by the Star Nation Dreamers

March 24-27, 2017

Sisters!  This year’s theme for High Desert Dreaming will be about the Transitions in Life and how to effectively navigate the ever swifter and sometimes turbulent River of Life Experience.

Come and spend a dreaming weekend to integrate Ceremony, Teachings, and Sharing to learn about the key issues that arise at certain stages of life.  Learn how we can prepare for the rapids.  Learn how recognize the sign posts and help other to prepare in a simple, creative way.  We are the handmaids to our own lives and can all be guides for others.

We will be harvesting our collective experience, charting our journey, singing, and dreaming together.  Come strengthen your woman’s spirit and be nourished in nature away from the stagnant eddies of life.  We will once again be guided in this magickal journey by Barbara Midnight Rose of the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies.

Begins Friday March 24th with dinner at our lovely reclusive location in Prescott.

Ends Monday March 27th after lunch.

We will be arranging rides to and from Phoenix.  All meals, accommodations, ceremonies, teachings included in the $550 US fee.  Email Holly Dean at dreamerdean@msn.com to reserve your spot!




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