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Vision Quest

August  5-11, 2018

Since ancient times, the natural progression of human awareness has been such that when an individual “awakens” spiritually, they ask questions of themselves, of life, and of the people around them. Questions like “Who am I, really?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, or even “Am I destined for something greater than I am now doing?”

The quest for answers that inevitably results launches the seeker on the archetypal hero’s journey commonly referred to as “The Great Work”. That is, growth and expansion into the full potential of one’s true nature. Perhaps we are looking to close a chapter in our lives and start a fresh new one. Or perhaps we just sense a more spiritual “calling” and aren’t entirely sure what the next steps could or should be.

This week-long shamanic retreat is designed to provide adult seekers of all ages with spiritual tools, wheels and keys of knowledge, purification ceremonies, and rites of passage from the lineage of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path.

The week builds up to your participation in a beautiful overnight vision quest ceremony that will help you to make Spirit your companion as you learn to navigate your life passages with grace and power.

The teachings and ceremonies that you receive will be personalized so that the knowledge is directly relevant to You, no matter what age or stage of life you are at. Only You know when the time is right for this jump in your evolution.

If what you desire most right now is positive change and transformation, if you are looking to heal the past and change your future, if you are hungry for spiritual experiences that are meaningful to You, then join us this summer for Vision Quest 2017.

You will:

• Develop a deeper connection to Grandmother Earth and all of nature.

• Learn how to heal your heart, body, mind, spirit, and soul.

• Learn about critical learning periods in your life (both now and in the future).

• Understand your current life stage and what life is communicating.

• Discover practical ways to support your evolution in these changing times.

For Information please contact info@icss.org

or call 416 603-4912.


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