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The Red Lodge Longhouse Program is a year-long commitment to personal excellence. This program is meant for students who wish to develop other ways of knowing how to connect with Spirit and how to live in harmony with Nature and their fellow humans. The program provides teachings, ceremony, and experiential learning to facilitate having happiness, harmony, health, connection and meaning in your life.

The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies of Alberta is proud to offer a program that provides hope and direction through these changing times.  These ancient teachings and Earth-based knowledge, taught by qualified teachers from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path lineage, will show you how to connect with Spirit and create a stronger, more stable life for yourself and those around you.

The Red Lodge Program will be running its Year Two in 2018.

The dates are:

Session 1: January 12 - 14
Session 2: March 9-11
Session 3: May 4- 6
Session 4: June 1 – 3
Ceremonial Weeklong: July 15-22
Session 5: September 28 – 30
Session 6: November 2 – 4

A new cycle of Red Lodge will be starting in 2020! Contact us for more information.

About the teacher: The teacher for Year Two is Debbie (Crystal Dream Woman) Mast, RN MSN. Debbie has been a qualified Sweet Medicine SunDance instructor since 1991. She incorporates wisdom from both Western medicine and shamanic traditions in her international work. She has been a Red Lodge instructor since 2002. She is co-leader of the Flowering Tree Lode in Michigan and the founder of the Women’s Hoop, a ceremonial group for women now in its 25th year. Her work is inspired by her vision of women and men working together to recreate the world.

If you have any questions or would like to have further discussion about the Red Lodge program, please contact us by telephone at 403-277-7383 or by email at .

Here you can read what past students have to say about the program.

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