A Brief History of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in Calgary

The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies first came to Calgary from Toronto in 1994 to promote the teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path.   Barbara Brachi and other teachers have been delivering teachings and workshops, as well as facilitating ceremonies, regularly since then.

Since 1994, Calgary has hosted workshops on both women’s and men’s teachings  as well as Pattern Shifting, Quodoushka workshops and Recapitulated Shamanic Dearmoring.

Since 1996, the local community has supported a yearly Eagle Dance, a Summer ceremony that brings together people to celebrate accomplishments and set the intent for what has to come in the following year.

In the year 2000, the LEAP program was hosted in Calgary. LEAP was a four year program created to provide a step-by-step process of healing, self-growth and evolution, using Sweet Medicine SunDance teachings and ceremonies.In January 2010, a successful 4 year cycle of the Red Lodge Longhouse program was started.

In 2016, The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies of Alberta was incorporated as a not for profit under the Societies Act of Alberta. ICSS of A continues offering workshops and programs in our community, to promote the knowledge of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path teachings.

In 2017, another cycle of Red Lodge will start in Calgary.

Leap into the unknown
Evolve into excellence
Actualize your dharmic

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