Community events

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Community Purification Lodge

A community purification lodge is an opportunity to sit within the womb of Grand Mother Earth, connecting and praying to Spirit. This ancient ceremony is offered monthly in Calgary and is open to all who are seeking light and connection in their life.

Shamanism 101

Shamanism 101 is a series of guided explorations designed to provide a basic understanding of Shamanism and of the teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. Meetings are open to all.

Sacred Women’s Circle

At its core, a sacred circle of women is an opportunity to uncover what it means to be feminine on a feminine planet. It is a reminder of the sacredness of circles: the circle of life, the seasons, sunrise to sunrise, earth and all things round. There is something magical about a circle. It holds lifetimes of profound wisdom and allows everyone within it to be equal. Each participant is encouraged to take guidance individually by listening to her inner voice. In this way the power and energy that flows through the circle is guided by the divine.

Brotherhood Circle

The Brotherhood Circle is a gathering of men who want to explore the intersection of life and Shamanic wisdom from a man’s perspective, in a relaxed atmosphere. The gatherings are open to all.

Parenting Circle

Parenting is the quickest way to self development. As parents, we are called to look at ourselves in the mirror that our children offer us and see within it our own shining and our own darkness.  The Parenting Circle offers us the opportunity to explore some of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path teachings and bring them home into our lives. Through practical tools, applied knowledge and a good dose of humour, we strive to achieve a way to engage with our children that may bring more harmony, happiness, health, hope and humour in our lives.

Community Drumming

Community drumming is a monthly gathering open to everyone. Come and connect with the heartbeat of Grand Mother Earth. We drum on a large gathering drum while singing songs from many traditions. Bring your own hand drum if you wish, and join in a joyous celebration of rhythm and community.









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