Red Lodge Testimonials

“There are so many things. So many small, infinitesimal shifts that it is hard to put it to paper. Getting rid of the chains of the past. Finding that curious magical child again and working to bring it to my “adulthood”. So many tools to help me with raising my kids and all the challenges along with it. Red lodge has helped me embrace beauty and center back to the core of who I am. Ho!!!”

Jill, Mother, Artist and Homemaker, Age 50

I started Red Lodge just as I turned 21, at a time in my life when I felt a little lost. Watching my peers go off to post-secondary and seemingly having their lives figured out, caused me stress and insecurity because deep down I was yearning for a different knowledge, something bigger. This hands-on program provided me with exactly what I was missing. I developed my own spirituality, gained accountability and honesty with myself and others, healed wounds and destructive patterns. I learned how to listen to my soul’s desire and I have the courage to go for it. The Red Lodge Program changed my life for the better and six years later, I still use these teachings on a daily basis.”

Alexandra W, Manager, Bar and Restaurant, Age 27

 Red Lodge came along at a time in my life when I was seeking something more. I wasn’t quite sure of what, just that I wanted something more in my life. I definitely received “more”. I now know more of who I really am. I have more tools to make my dreams come true. I have more family and community than I ever could have imagined. I have more love, joy and beauty than I believed possible. And I have the desire to keep seeking “more”. Red lodge didn’t just change my life. It has enabled me to be the conscious director of a life I could never have imagined by opening to these amazing teachings and ceremonies and walking my path of heart.”

Paula K, Sacred Guide and Massage Therapist, Age 42

The Red Lodge Program gave me many insights and ah-hahs ..the biggest one perhaps was experiencing the much deeper connection to nature – especially the animal world.”

N. B. Age 59, Engineer

 “These ancient teachings resonated deep inside of me from the get-go. I was inspired and supported to make deep and lasting ‘course corrections’. I learned how to stand strong in the centre of my own circle, speak the unspeakable with unconditional love, and to wield ruthless compassion in my relationships with others when necessary. Consequently, I was a highly effective, engaged mother and image maker for our teenage children, and a happier, more empowered wife, daughter, sister, friend. My classmates of the Red Lodge Program remain my dearest like-minded friends and Community today. ”

Barb W, Retired Author and Entrepreneur, Age 63

Attending and fully participating in the Red Lodge program has resulted in concrete benefits which literally last a lifetime.  Unlike weekend or shorter term personal growth workshops I have attended, Red Lodge with its yearlong commitment, experiential learning, ceremonies in nature, honest reflections of my unique contributions, and requirement of digging deeper in my determination than I ever imagined, resulted in my ability to maintain and sustain new patterns bringing balance to all aspects of my life.  The stretch for excellence is exemplified by the teachings, participants and the teachers.  Old patterns are familiar but do not work.  New patterns are really uncomfortable at first, but do work.  This makes life juicy.  I recommend Red Lodge to everyone seeking their true nature. “

R.S. Geologist, Age 58



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