Anne Grandmother Weaves Hope

Anne T
Anne Trebilcock, Grandmother Weaves Hope, has been studying on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path since 1996. She is an apprentice, Sacred Pipe Carrier, Leader of Black Lightning Lodge since 2005, and was awarded the mantle of A-Team Roadperson in January 2013. Her dedication to teaching on this Path is demonstrated in the 13 years she was a Teaching Assistant in the Red Lodge Program, and now takes over as the Year Four Teacher.

Over the years, in her various occupations as mother, nurse, pharmaceutical executive, Gestalt therapist, adult educator, cancer support counselor, and Taoist Tai Chi teacher, her focus has always been on hope and healing.

Her special interests include: aging with integrity, wisdom, vitality and compassion; adult Rites of Passage; and bringing the teachings from contemporary shamanism to enhance and strengthen medically-based palliative care.

She delights in the knowledge that she is role-modeling the potential for elders on this path to live long, in good health, and continue to contribute meaningfully to the community and life.

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