*This program is available only to SMSD students and apprentices*

Our next Gateways program is

August 5-11.  $542.40

 OnLine PayPal Registration available – or etransfer or cheque.

Gateways is our new program designed to support you, as SMSD student, through your Gateway ceremonies, Rites of Passage and personalized ceremony.

In our transition into the Fifth World, many of us find ourselves itching to clear out many of our old ways of doing and thinking: the ones that prevent us from manifesting the life we yearn for.

We know that, once these obstacles are removed, we are able to flow more easily with our spiritual intent; we are available to connect with the Great Spirit’s guidance.

Ceremony in nature is an essential way to “clear out the smoke” of our busy, and more often than not, unbalanced lives. This is a wonderful way to connect to the Elements and to the Worlds of Grandmother Earth, and experience the teachings come alive.

How it works:

The program will be tailored to your current situation and needs. You will meet one-on-one with a teacher to determine what ceremonies and experiences will be most beneficial for you at this time.

Missing a gateway ceremony? Chances are it is showing up in your life. Find out how your missing ceremonies are impacting your reality and observe the effect of ceremony in your day-to-day life.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to progress in your Pipe work or Fire Chief training.

    Come out to Gateways and enjoy:

  • Connecting with the land.
  • Quality Dreamtime.
  • Community: take time to connect with your circle of sacred humans.  We will have morning meetings at the Tipi, Campfire gatherings, coffee and song in the Kitchen.
  • Casual, relaxed time with your teachers.



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