Chuluaqui Quodoushka


It is all, potentially, a beautiful expanding spiral. Both in orgasm and wisdom, neither the spirit nor the flesh is superior, rather they are mutually enhancing. To the extent that we deny our spiritual nature we limit our sexual nature. To the extent that we deny our sexual nature we limit our spiritual nature.

- From the book Sacred Orgasm by Kenneth Rae Stubbs



If you have been seeking deep healing in your relationship to your sexual energy, or are curious about exploring its spiritual potential, then look no further.

The Chuluaqui Quodoushka teachings are based in sacred Shamanic traditions which integrate spirituality and sexuality as an integral part of life. The wheels, keys, and knowledge offered in these workshops offer an alternative and enlightened approach to sexuality, as well as some beautiful ways to bring new understanding, openness and healing to our sexual selves.

The old ways teach that the word “Chuluaqui” refers to the primordial life force energy from which everything is created. It is the innermost essence of all beings; the whirlwind serpent fire of spiritual sexual creation. “Quodoushka” is the magickal energy created when two life force energies merge to create a new energy which is greater than the sum of its parts.

What is spiritual sexuality?

The practice of spiritual sexuality doesn’t require you to subscribe to a particular set of spiritual beliefs. When we bless, purify, or honour the body as part of a sexual experience, have reverence for the energy that creates all life, bond more deeply as a result of lovemaking, or when sexual union launches us into higher consciousness, sexuality becomes a spiritual experience. The merging of sex and spirit is, in fact, our birthright as human beings.

What will I learn at a “Q”?

The Chuluaqui Quodoushka intensive seminars will give you the knowledge and tools to develop your spiritual-sexual potential by:

  • Increasing your sensual awareness and helping you develop a deeper connection to your body.
  • Giving you opportunities to explore the world of touching with sensitivity and sensuality.
  • Expanding your sexual communication skills and ability to create healthy boundaries with your lover.
  • Teaching you how to reach higher levels of orgastic intensity and sexual ecstasy.
  • Helping you master breathing techniques to harness the power of your life force energy.
  • Balancing your inner feminine and masculine energies.

Your participation is voluntary and based entirely on your personal comfort level.

Who Can Attend?

Seminars attendees range in age from 18 to 80+, and are welcome to attend as singles or couples. People of all sexual orientations are welcome.

Teachings, guided exercises, rituals and ceremonial support are provided through the faculty of the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies. These men and women combine many years as ceremonial leaders, teachers, apprentices, counselors, parents, and partners to provide a strong container for growth.

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