Sacred Law School

Sacred Law SchoolWe will begin with the First Universal Law of Maximum Efficiency and Minimum Effort.
This Law is rich in its potential for healing mismanaged time, poor choreography and an inability to navigate challenges.
By looking at nature and the five elements we will find guidance of the application of this law showing us how to align for greater ease and joy from a Sacred Law Perspective.
The weekend will include teachings, group workings, ceremony, personal time with multiple levels of engagement that will include those with all levels of knowledge and experience.
Saturday night will include a shared feast.

Claudia vclaudia-164x300an Corva earned her PhD in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology and teaches environmental science, chemistry and critical thinking in California and has studied the Twisted Hairs Shamanic tradition for many years and is trained in ceremonial transformation. She marries
these two disciplines with great skill and humour, translating scientific tthought into everyday language while making shamanic thought appolicable to everyday world.

Jeorg van Cojoerg-2rva is a master in philosophy with a specialization in metaphysics . He has studied the Twisted Hairs tradition for many years and has a great joy in teaching and learning. His approach to personal transformation is incisive, fun and deeply impactful. Joerg brings with him a mastery of difficult conceptual knowledge and a love for life.

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