Shamanic De-armoring

Shamanic De-armoring is 2 -week long, intense healing process utilizing pleasure to transform the cellular imprinting of past pain tapes held within your body. This modernized shamanic technique and ceremony restores your full presence and connection to your natural self. Vibration, pressure points, breath, and movement of your energy through your whole body are used to break up and remove your body’s armor, pain, and numbness.
Shamanic De-armoring awakens you to deeper levels of sensitivity, awareness, and connection.

What is Armor?
As you journey from childhood through adulthood, painful experiences and traumas imprint not only on your psyches but also in the cells of your physical body. This cellular imprinting of pain causes trace minerals in the body to coalesce into metallic bands of “armor”. This “armoring” restricts and blocks the free
flow of energy in your body, keeping you in patterned behaviors that produce dysfunction, illness and premature aging. You walk around inside a body that is bound by pain tapes of the past.Your true nature’s spirit, or soul essence, is trapped inside a prison!
We armor ourselves as a survival mechanism – it stops the pain. In so doing, we become numb and separated from our natural connection to ourself. We have moved far away from our original intent within the Grand Design.

Benefits of De-armoring

Your body was meant to be a temple for your spirit, not a prison for your soul.
Participants who have completed the de-armoring process have reported the following:

  • Increased sensitivity in the physical body, opening the way towards deeper intimacy.
  • Deeper connection to Self and a stronger resonance with Spirit.
  • More active and healthy commitment to your sexuality, awakening your natural sexual expression.
  • Stabilized orgone in the body that increases your metabolism and the energy available to maintain your vital health. You will have more overall energy.
  • Awakened senses and conscious awareness of your life force energy moving throughout your body.

A 2-week Intensive

Shamanic De-armoring consists of thirteen guided progressive sessions. Skillful coaching assists you to be fully present in your physical body during this process. In addition, specific teachings, exercises and ceremonies are offered to facilitate integration and awakening of your natural Self.

Strong vibration, pressure points, breath and movement of your sexual energy through your whole body are used to break up and remove your body’s armor, pain and numbness. This experience unlocks the deep-seated truth….  your life force energy has the ability to transform and heal.

This workshop is carefully designed to accommodate work schedules and family responsibilities. It is offered once a year at ICSS.


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