She Rises: Return of the Goddess

Calling all women, especially apprentices!sherisesemail

We invite you, sister, to this exciting 1-day ceremonial gathering, in which Barbara Butterfly Dreamer will share with us the significance of this crucial time in human history: the beginning of the 13000 years of the Matriarchy.

During this day of teachings, practical experiences and ceremony, we will learn about:

  • What our role is in this transition from Patriarchal to Matriarchal power;
  • How to recognize the dysfunctional patterns we have acquired to cope with the imbalance of energies on the planet, and how we can heal and shift into our power;
  • How we can support the men in our lives by understanding the part the Masculine plays in this planetary change.
  • How we, as women of power, can lay the foundation for a future of Harmony and Balance.

We will conclude our day together with a  Purification Lodge so we may truly transform at a cellullar level.

We look forward to seeing your beauty and shining in this circle!

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