Shamanic Vision Quest

A Spiritual Adventure for Seekers of All Ages

Is your Spirit yearning for more?

August 6-12   online PayPal Registration Available

Come and join us this summer. Rainbow Gate Farm beckons you to come and experience nature during its most beautiful season. Imagine participating, individually or with your family in the ancient ceremonies known as the Rites of Passage.

This Shamanic Vision Quest Week is a place to immerse yourself in ceremony, gain knowledge and experience community.

Vision Quests, Rites of Passage, teaching circles, wheels and keys of knowledge, and purification ceremonies help us to make Spirit our companion so we can walk through our life passages in beauty.

During Spirit Camp you will

  • Experience ceremony that supports and heals
  • Learn about critical learning periods in your life (both now and in the future)
  • Understand your current life stage and what life is communicating
  • Find tools to support your evolution in these changing times


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