Welcoming the Spring and Preparing for Summer

At ICSS we are welcoming the Spring with two events for Women, taught by Barbara Midnight Rose – read more about these below. Plus, we have opened up registrations for our Summer programs!

Teachings for Women – March 29th & April 18-19. Register for either of these here.

sherisesemailWomen’s Equinox  Celebration: A day-long event on the Toronto Islands.
March 29th, 2014
We will gather to align with the equinox shift and celebrate the return of the light.
Awaken from the dream of winter, refreshed and renewed through time  with the beauty of nature, ceremony and the mysteries of woman.
Time: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Cost: $141.25 includes a specially prepared, delicious luncheon.
Sisterhood Birthing Wheel of the Goddess.
April 18 evening and April 19th
A teaching on the 13th Shield of the Matriarchy shield of our Path with Heart.
This is a shield to explore the mystery of women through the key driver wheel of the Shield, “The Sisterhood Birthing Wheel of the Goddess”.
Woman’s power lies in her mystery of her emotions, her limitless physical form, her relationship with the moon, her womb knowings. The Woman’s shield provides insights into this mystery. It is a time for change. We women need to re-remember the knowledge of women and assume authority for that knowledge so we can heal, and thus heal the masculine and together heal the world.
Cost: $197.75 HST included
Location: ICSS, 1173 Davenport Rd., Toronto
About Barbara Midnight Rose:
My journey with the women’s teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path began on a healing island in the Great Lakes, and with a dreaming circle of women ‘grandmothering’ what it is to be a woman.
Out of the circle danced the image of a great spider’s web, blessing this Turtle Island with the beauty of the interconnectedness of women; an image of sisterhood.
The silken threads of the web crossed and re-crossed the continent and where the threads intersected, a heart light lit up, until this continent was alive with a weaving of the light of the power and mystery of woman. This is the way my journey began with the women’s shield.


Spirit Camp – August 10-16

This program offers  individuals who desire to connect deeply to Nature and Spirit the opportunity to go on Vision Quest in our ceremonial land in Bancroft. At the same time, we have teachings, ceremonies and fun for families and children, bringing together seekers of all ages and walks of life.

Gateways (August 3-9) and Katana Edge (July 31st-August 10) are for students and apprentices of the SMSD Path, offered also at Rainbow Gate Farm near Bancroft. Online registration is available. Contact us  for more information.

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